What’s Meant To Be Will Find Its Way 🌚

Noche De Paz gives warm, desert night sky, serene vibes.
But do you know where the name came from?




It’s no secret that my husband and I relocated to the Phoenix area from our hometown, Chicago, back in 2017. While the big picture sounds invigorating, it’s one of those Instagram VS reality moments. We knew the life we were looking to create but to get there, there was a ton of hustle, hard times, and emotions in between.

If you recall our story about SONORAN, that was where we first planted our roots. It was a 1,200 square foot town house, our temporary home, while we sought out the place we would call our forever home. In our first 8 months there, we realized that buying a house wasn’t going to be as easy as the first time around. Imagine two young people, moving across the country and starting new jobs, we were a high risk for lenders and UGH don’t make me dig into those details!

So in the mass chaos of preapprovals, a wild housing market, getting an offer accepted to later fall through in the inspection process, we stumbled across this house on Noche De Paz. Honestly, things happen for a reason, and this was a time I needed it most.

We had a bomb agent representing us and on the way to a showing, we drove through a neighborhood we didn’t know existed, called Dobson Ranch. It was an adorable community with a small lake as the community center and it brought a new sense of excitement. As we drove through, there was a house with a dumpster out front. Our agent asked if we wanted to pull over and see what they were working on – we always enjoyed talking about home projects, so it seemed interesting.

After creepily looking through the windows to see what the deal was, we knocked and asked the GC if we could check out the house. We shared our story about relocating, trying to find a new home that was flipped well, and our unfortunate experience of losing the last house during the inspection process. I’ll never know why, but this man was empathetic to us, and didn’t care that we stopped in every couple of weeks to check on the progress.

I will admit I can be reserved at times. I’ve experienced a lot and do my best to protect my peace. I tried extremely hard to not become overly excited about this opportunity, but something stuck with me. On one of our last visits, the GC asked, “If you were to buy this house, what color would you want the garage painted, white or gray?” It might sound silly, but he took our recommendation, and honestly, it was history from there.

I’m sure you see where this story is going, but WE GOT THE HOUSE, in an off-market deal, no negotiations, in a crazy market! From beginning to end, I know this was meant to be. NOCHE DE PAZ can be translated to Silent Night/ Night Of Peace. And at a time in my life where I was slowly putting the pieces together, it was exactly what I needed.

With soothing notes of lavender, we hope Noche De Paz brings you the serene atmosphere you are looking for.

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