When we first relocated from IL to AZ, we rented a townhouse in a complex named Sonoran Vista. It’s where we began a new chapter in our life. With many good memories, and a few that we wouldn’t mind leaving behind, SONORAN is a symbol of strength.

Relocating was not easy; in fact it was pure hustle. But I’ll give you some insider info: when I was 21, I tattooed a symbol of strength on my body as a reminder that your past doesn’t define you. You can create your future. And your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination.

Let’s just say I’ve had a privileged life but experienced a lot; a lot that has grown my mental toughness and developed myself into the tenacious person I am.

And with that determination, you better believe selling our first home, moving 1,700 miles away from family and friends, two people starting two new careers and side hustles, building new friendships, finding a temporary home, and a permanent home, wasn’t going to slow me down!

During our 8 months living at Sonoran Vista, I took a day trip out to Sedona with a friend. I’d been there once before while visiting, but living in the state hit a little different.

We went on a hike, soaked in all the beautiful colors, and did some shopping at the local boutiques. Being a long time candle lover, I found myself drawn to an intention candle labeled STRENGTH, so I brought it home and burned it often.

When we moved out of our town house at Sonoran Vista, the candle had seen it’s final days. I’d never found a similar
scent, and when I started DL, I found myself obsessively sniffing oil samples to try and replicate that aroma. Nothing came close until a random sample showed up and it instantly took me back to SONORAN days. So in that instant, I felt it was only necessary to create my own intention candle.

When burning SONORAN, I want everyone to know I’m cheering you onhoping you find the strength you need to get through anything life throws at you, and to illuminate a courage within to create the life you want to live.

After all, Desert Liberties is an expression of my life and all the privileges I’ve been lucky enough to explore. 

So while The Desert Collection includes both SONORAN and MOJAVE, I’ll save my MOJAVE story for another time.

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